HELEN skin (version 1.01, 13kb)
WINAMP 2.0 compliant HELEN graphical user interface style skin.  There is a screenshot available for preview.
OCEANIA (version 1.08, 64kb)
The free font from the OCEAN GIRL title in OpenType and Type 1 format.  Contains all central european glyphs, an euro symbol, Windows extensions and a few extras. 
ORCA theme (version 0.50, 300kb)
A preview version of the ORCA theme for Microsoft Plus!.  It's not nearly as complete as it could be.  Mouse cursors, the start, shutdown and end screen and a raytraced background image are already done.  But it's still lacking sounds, a theme file and the ORCA screensaver.
OCEAN GIRL theme for UNIX (version 0.70, 35kb)
An OCEAN GIRL theme for UNIX which includes KDE HELEN window decorations, KDE color scheme, KDE desktop background (animated series related), HELEN status report on login and a login screen for XDM.  Automatic installation.