Copyright/Site Info

This site was previously a bunch of stuff from the web, collected 1997–99 and 2000 by me, Peter Backes, without any respect to copyrights.  I translated most of it and sometimes added a little bit written by myself or contributed by others.  Really at the time this was done I didn't know much about copyright and I now can only really apologize that it has been this way for so long.  I have now taken off any stuff which has been copied word by word from other pages, at least I hope so. 

Anything that is left now should be original content which I or others have written initially for the purpose to publish it on this site.  There is also a little bit of extra stuff which I had not written myself originally, but which I had translated myself to German once, I have put all of that into the extras section.  In case you find anything that I missed and which you wrote, please accept my apologies, it should not be there, please mail me and I will take it off immediately.  Also please do the same if you dislike any translation I did for stuff you wrote.


Special Thanks