Episode Guide

This is my episode guide. The titles are the official ones shown in the German version on the bottom after the first screen in the intro translated to English.

First Season

1. The Girl In The Sea

2. Set Adrift

3. Wall Of Death

4. The Earthquake

5. Human Tears

6. Property Developers!

7. Toxic Waste

8. Day Pass

9. Romance

10. Major Breakthrough

11. Industrial Spy

12. Neri's Secret

13. Tough Decision

Second Season

1. Neri is back

2. The search for the past

3. Father's see-through

4. The search for Neri's sister

5. Where is Mera?

6. The abduction

7. Fire aboard

8. Mera's live in danger

9. Mick sees ghosts

10. The pursuers

11. Refusal to obey orders

12. Two alien visitors

13. The decision

Third Season

1. The reef in danger

2. The amnesia

3. The sunken star ship

4. Kal doesn't know fear

5. A dive with impediments

6. Swimmer Winston

7. A super sportsman

8. Extraterrestrial ability

9. The piece in the desert

10. Benny has problems

11. Cassandra's nightmares

12. The helicopter test

13. Lena's treason

14. Benny has bad luck

15. The spy

16. Level Gamma is radioactive

17. Charley is aground

18. The love letter

19. Jason on the absym

20. Eavesdroppers in the ventilation duct

21. Water in the desert

22. The vault key

23. The china man

24. The stone fish

25. Time bomb in the jungle

26. The last chance

Fourth Season

1. Operation Sphinx

Because of a new diving helmet type, Jason now can dive much deeper.  He tries it at the Mako Abyss.  But when passing the 200 meter mark, he suddenly sees a light which makes him returning fast to the surface.

On ORCA, things have changed.  The ORCA City project has been cancelled.  They're also looking for a new ORCA commander.  Dianne applies for the job and goes to the headquater, because she thinks that it's good that ORCA invests more into science things than into the commerce.

Jason has made Neri a small house on the island and tells her about the light.  At the next day, Jason, Brett, Cass and Winston go at sea to find out more about the place where Jason saw the light.  But the light destroys the sonar and their other intruments.

A secret service sends agents Shelby and Hauser to Egypt to find a receiver which gets signals from space and answers to them in the Valley of Gods.  There, somebody is already working.  They've hired Shersheba.  She should find something in the Nile.

Brett has a new rival: Louis.  His father, the first Officer, wants to become commander, too.  Dave who is meets Jason and Winston while they go to the unterwater-boat isn't so greedy.  With the 'water bird' they want to go directly in contact with the thing which looked like a square on the scanner.  But when they arrive, the energy supply suddenly doesn't work anymore.  But by swimming in front of the boat, Neri can stop the light and let it disappear.  She swims on ahead of Jason and Winston and they find—an underwater pyramid.

2. A mysterious pyramid

3. The Promotion

4. The Golden Ankh

5. Stranded in the desert

6. The Lie-Detector

7. The Bug

8. The false friend

9. The hunt for the Golden Ankh

10. The story about the whale mermaid

11. Deceived deceivers

12. Captured in the bunker

13. Attempts at resuscitation

14. The snake-bite

15. A ghost appears

16. Helen learns to laugh

17. Mera's escape to the earth

18. The race

19. The attack

20. Taking of hostages

21. The red virus

22. Before the countdown

23. The countdown

24. The ice is melting

25. The blood test

26. The queen