Extra stuff

Late 2004, I had a look at my pages again, after a long, long time.  I must admit, I did not like them at all anymore.  There was too much stuff taken from other people's pages without permission, something I had criticised other people for even at that time!  It is probably much too late to apologize for everything, but at least I could take immediate action and remove all the stuff.  On the way I decided that keeping the page both in German and in English was far too much work.  Everything I have written myself and which was original content on this page, but which was in German or did otherwise not fit into the concept can now be found here.  Note that these things are not maintained at all.  You can of course send suggestions for improvements but please do so for the rest of the site first, as this stuff really has no priority for me.

Please note that my views and opinions were quite strange at the time some of this stuff had been written and especially the tone was quite rude.  All this is from the past century, please remember this before you send a flame.  I have changed my attitude on many things and yes, my words from a decade ago now sound funny and strange to myself, too. 

Translations of other people's texts

NOREO's OCEAN GIRL page in German
The episode guides for seasons 1–3 and some biographies you could previously find on this site were really the ones from Noreo's web page.  I removed them, but to have some use for the German translations I once did, I have put them into NOREO's Ocean Girl page and also translated the rest.  So if you still have an archival copy of NOREO's Ocean Girl web page, you can copy the translated files into the folder with the other files and view everything completely in German now.  indexg.html is the main content file you should open and start to surf.
Various biographies translated to German
All the biographies you could previously find on this web page were taken from other web pages which was, of course, not right.  So I removed them and to preserve the German translation I did for them once, I put them all together into one file.
German translation of an outline of season 4
The official descriptions for season 4 found previously in the episode guide had been taken from Jonathan's web page.  It was removed and the German translation I did for it can now be found here.  The original source of this outline is Jonathan M. Shiff Productions according to Jonathan, even though it does not match the descriptions which can be found in their press kit.  But that probably only makes them more interesting.
Short OCEAN GIRL episode descriptions in German
Some parts of the OCEAN GIRL episode guide by Sf-Lovers were used on my page previously in the season overview.  These were removed and the parts I translated to German are now here for independent viewing.
German translation of ORCA meets SEAQUEST DSV
ORCA meets SEAQUEST DSV was the first fan fic story to be written which was playing inside the OCEAN GIRL universe.  I once translated it to German and it didn't look that useless, so I preserved it and put it here.

Other people's texts in German

Official German episode descriptions
The two channels which are airing OCEAN GIRL in Germany, ZDF and Kinderkanal, had descriptions of some episodes in their video text pages.  I collected some of them.
List of official German episode titles
Unlike the original, the German version of OCEAN GIRL has titles for each episode.  These are displayed in the intros.  I wrote them all down so you can have a look at them.  Might be handy for labelling your tapes or to find out about the episode number if you roughly know the plot—or vice versa.

Old texts in German

German Synopses by Frank Zavelberg
Frank 'Locutus' Zavelberg once sent me his wonderful synopses for publishing on this web page.  Very unfortunately they don't fit into the new concept, because they are in German only and entirely.  So I have decided to put them here and if you understand German, you can enjoy them.
German rules and tips for writing Fan Fic
Writing fan fic has a great tradition in the OCEAN GIRL fan community.  I had gathered some hints on what seems to be hidden rules in the series and also some rather serious tips on how to improve the quality of the result.
German frequently asked questions
Previously this site had answers to the most frequently asked questions quite a significant part of which was stuff from NOREO's web page translated to German.  This part is now available in the complete translation but there was quite some stuff which I had actually written entirely myself.  But be careful, what you can read in this FAQ is notoriously outdated (and will not be brought up to date anymore).
German OCEAN GIRL glossary
I had once written a glossary, explaining all the slang used in OCEAN GIRL.  It was entirely in German and that is the reason for it to be found here now.
The ORCA Technical Guide, German Version
Perhaps the most interesting part of my site was the ORCA Technical Guide, describing the inner workings, structure and organization of ORCA.  It is entirely in German however, thus it was not saved from being moved here, too.
German cast descriptions
Previously, all the cast descriptions were in German, but as that was against the new concept, all this stuff has been moved to an archival page.
German episode descriptions
All the old episode short descriptions and the few full descriptions that I wrote in German for this page previously.