Thanks for your interest in my little picture gallery.  You can find some computer generated graphics here, not just hundreds of captured snapshots as on most web sites.  One might also call it fan art.  I have made a subjective rating of the picture quality which reaches from zero (just ugly) to eight points (what you would expect from a professional CGI production).  Not that each picture is individual and can neither be found in the series nor on any website.


The pump used in season three by Jason to get the water out of the star ship.  This was an effort to test my skills with 3D modelling packages.  The original is from Phil Watts' home page and I tried to match it as closely as possible.  (Of course I was not really a match, but it was fun!) 


Snapshot from the starship crash computer animation in season three.  This is another picture for which Phil's was an inspiration.  I even got the entire animation scene working and this picture is only one frame from it.  There is an oddity about it however, earth still lacks the antarctic continent.

Neri (NERI-V5.JPG)

Neri from The New Adventures Of Neri.  This was traced carefully from a newspaper article about the animated series.  I think it is the picture which I like most concerning the general result.


This was my very first experiment at rendering the ORCA station with underwater flair.  Unfortunately the athmospheric options where set to completely wrong values.  Maybe this could have happened if PRAXIS launched the missile and Malakat bounced it back?  I don't want to imagine and, well, I don't really like this picture, also mostly because the ORCA station looks, hrm, at least very primitive.  I still preserved it to let you see some very early prototype stage of modelling and that getting the right picture out of the renderer is sometimes hard work of understanding and trying many different options.


For people who need the well known OCEAN GIRL logo on their web site but who are too lazy to install the font, I made this easy to use image solution with really bombastic resolution.  You can probably even use it to print a poster.

Rotating ORCA Logo (OL3.GIF)

This is the fourth attempt to generate a rotating ORCA logo as an animated gif file.  The first and the second could be found on NOREO's web page, the first one was a capture (which was heavily jumping around some pixels and used only one half of the real animation—I have a corrected version without the jumps, but still that does not make it much better), the second was a quite sophisticated rendering of unknown origin, but also seemingly from NOREO's page, the third was a rather bad looking attempt to do it via height maps, and this version now is from traced data, looking fairly well, but I think it can still be done better.  Martin Requart once had another version on his page which was an almost perfect capture, but unfortunately it also didn't have the full rotation.

You can either get an animated GI format rotating logo as OL3.GIF or a still called ORCALOGO.PNG from the file system.


My current vector hand traced version of the ORCA logo, rendered to a bitmap.  The most obvious defect are the bad colors and the two bars surrounding the word OCEANIC, which are too heavy.  The vector data used to generate this bitmap version was also used for the rotating 3D version.