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Tracks the major changes done to the web pages.
Contains feedback from people who have been reading these pages.  You can add an entry yourself if you wish.
Describes all the characters from the show, the seasons they appear in and lists the actors they are played by.
Episode Guide
Lists all episodes episodes, including known fan fic, by official title and short description.  Links to individual longer ones, partly official ones and sometimes synopsis.
Lists actors playing important roles for whom you can find official biographies on the web.
Postal and email addesses of the production and music companies and how to write fan mail.
Extensive list of links to OCEAN GIRL related web pages; fan fites, official sites, downloads, fan fic pages, home pages of actors, the filming crew, indexes and other commercial pages.
Sources and thanks to people who helped to create this site.
IRC Chat
Some toughts about the great past when fan meeting were held regularily on the legendary IRC channel #OceanGirl.
Mailing Lists
Describes how to get in touch with other fans by email.
Fan Fic Writing
OCEAN GIRL specific guide lines for writing fan fiction.
Lists and answers fequently asked questions about the show and everything related to it.
ORCA Tech Guide
The legendary manual describing all kinds of technical stuff concerning the operation and structure of ORCA.
Explains slang frequently used in the OCEAN GIRL fan community.
Lists and describes available books related to OCEAN GIRL.
Various OCEAN GIRL related stuff for the computer.
Picture Gallery
Some fan art pictures.
Contains information about the sound track released for the first season of the show.
Airing Dates
Find stuff there that once was part of this site but didn't fit into the concept anymore or was not clearly marked as translation of existing stuff.

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