About #OceanGirl

From Jan 1998 until Jun 2000, OCEAN GIRL fans were meeting regularily on IRC, channel #OceanGirl.  It was a great time, and many interesting discussions were going on.  The channel was residing on IRCNet and chats were held most of the time on saturday and sunday evening at 21:00 central european time.  This form of communication was a complement to the mailing list for those people who also wanted to have a more direct way to get in touch with each other.

Another chat, also accessible via the IRC protocol, was the one on Martin Requart's web page (he unfortunately died on a trip through the USA) which was based on eshare software.  I wrote a gateway script for the #OceanGirl channel bot (X-Bot) which had all text on either side repeated on the other.  In the beginning, Martin misunderstood the concept and thought there was some manipulation or hack going on, so he complained loudly and requested the gateway to be shut down.  But after I explained to him that the software did by no means anything else than any other client, he got accustomed to it and accepted it.  The one big chat event organized by Martin on April 24, 1999 was transmitted this way to #OceanGirl and everyone was okay with it.

Thanks must go to Frank 'Locutus' Zavelberg, who did channel operation and kept everything clean—from time to time people joined the channel who midunderstood the 'girl' part of #OceanGirl, also programs which did channel hopping to advertise some web page were fairly common.

The channel bot also kept log files of all the public chat, so this great part of fan activities around Ocean Girl has been preserved.

If you still feel like you want to chat a little bit, choose ICQ and find UINs of other fans.  The disadvantage of ICQ is that it's an one-to-one chat platform, so if more than two people want to join, there's no way to do it with this technology.  But more ICQ clients become available that also support IRC, Miranda is one particularly popular among them, because it's free.  So why not have your personal revival of #OceanGirl if you find some people to chat about this great television series?