OCEAN GIRL related links

This list of links has two purposes: First, it provides a convenient way for you to surf the web of available OCEAN GIRL pages.  But at the same time with the help of the makelink TCL script it also provides a convenient way for me to archive the web pages referred to by the links.  (But you are also encouraged to archive stuff yourself this way if you can find out how it works, the script really has only two lines of documentation and needs an external SGML parser to understand the page.)

I also list sites here which have been removed.  If you see a smiley to the left of the page title, this is an indication that I have an archival copy of the respective web page available.  The happier the smiley, the more pages from the site have been preserved.  Before I had found this way of archiving with download commands generated directly from this page, especially the first time I did archiving at all around summer 1997, I used very primitive means to retrieve copies of the sites.  (Essentially surfing the sites and saving everything manually from the browser.)  If you see some sad smiley then the page probably disappeared soon thereafter and my archival is still from that period of time.

If you are interested in some page not online anymore, as an alternative to request a copy from me, you can also try your luck at the web archive.  Unfortunately those sites which I don't have are not available there either. 

Fan sites

Noreo's OCEAN GIRL web server

Noreo's OCEAN GIRL pages (English)

Japanese translation of Noreo's OCEAN GIRL pages (Japanese)

Spanish translation of Noreo's OCEAN GIRL pages (Spanish)

Italian translation of Noreo's OCEAN GIRL pages (Italian)

Dutch translation of Noreo's OCEAN GIRL pages (Dutch)

German translation of Noreo's OCEAN GIRL pages (German)

Hungarian and Esparanto translations of Noreo's OCEAN GIRL pages (Hungarian/Esparanto)

Not updated very often, but many great pictures, a frequently used webboard, Neri start and shutdown screens and desktop themes, cast and episode descriptions.  The most complete site.

Henrick Wickstrand's OCEAN GIRL site (English)

A legendary site which was the original source of episode guides for the first two seasons, unfortunately it has been gone for so long that I newer saw anything of it.

Per's OCEAN GIRL/Marzena Godecki Fanpage (English)

One of the oldest sites.  This page has not been updated for a long time, but it's overall look is timeless.

OCEAN GIRL Page (English)

There are captured OCEAN GIRL pictures on this page with full resolution and a quality that is simply outstanding.

Tim Cook's Home Page (English)

On this page in the art section, you can find the Neriamp Winamp skin and a 3D ORCA logo mesh (TrueSpace '.cob' format).

Alex' OCEAN GIRL Page (English)

Some technical information, not updated very often.

ORCA City web site (English)

Web site of the former OCEAN GIRL webring maintainer.  Has a JAVA chat there local to the page.

The OCEAN GIRL Multimedia Page (English)

Lots of pictures and low resolution videos, but still the best at the time it had been created.  The first site to provide an episode guide for the fourth season once.

The OCEAN GIRL supporter page (English)

MP3s, sounds, some episode and cast descriptions, a web board (though much less often used than Noreo's), a java chat (was linked via gateway to IRC #OceanGirl on major chat events), awesome quality pictures and videos, ORCA set blueprints (inside and outside).  Only weakness is that no complete episode guide is provided.  Unfortunately Martin Requart, the web master, died on a trip through the USA.

Rund um Ocean Girl (German/English)

Fan page with vector versions of logos of various fictional organizations appearing in Ocean Girl and scans of the DVD covers and labels.  Has an associated archive with copies of stuff from many fan pages.  These have been cleaned up, modified for unified presentation and bad spelling has been corrected.  Clearly the most up to date, most complete and most original site still actively maintained.

Ocean Girl Fans (English)

Ocean Girl community on lifejournal.  You can actually find a novelization of Ocean Girl seasons 2–4 there, written by Stormdance.  Impressive!

Magical World of Ocean Girl (Russian)

Large, comprehensive site with lots of content.

The Martin Requart Memorial Page

Some remembering words about the greatest OCEAN GIRL fan of all times, Martin Requart.

Savant's OCEAN GIRL site

Very extensive link list, interviews, wallpaper and video downloads, a fanfic, non-working mailing list, infrequently used message board and, perhaps the most useful part of the site, complete episode scripts of all four seasons.

The OCEAN GIRL Photo Site (English)

Some captured Neri, Jason and Brett pictures.

Neri's island web page (English)

The page formerly provided cool fan stuff for the computer (both Linux and Windows), but it has been discontinued.  There is a link available on it to various MP3 and OGG format fan music files and thus still defintively worth being visited.


The first OCEAN GIRL fan fiction story that has been available.

Stormy's fanfic page (English)

Several fanfics written by Stormdance for classic OCEAN GIRL as well as a "much improved version of the really wretched OCEAN GIRL cartoon," for the latter it even has hand drawn fan art pictures.  Great!

Neri at sea world (English)

A fanfic by Charley t (the guy from the mailing list).  Some missing closing tag causes the whole page to appear in an unreasonable high font size, but it is easy to correct manually.

Forever Blue (English)

Cool, well designed Ocean Girl fan site by Stephanie aka Serenity.  Most links are not clickable.

Marzena Godecki (English)

Serenity's second site.

Ocean Girl Message Community (English)

Serenity's web board.

Oceanic (English)

Fanlisting.  People can add themselves to a list of fans, with their home page and their email address.

Save OCEAN GIRL Page (English)

A petition to bring back OCEAN GIRL in the US, where Disney cancelled the contract.

OCEAN GIRL episode and air dates guide (English)

Short episode guide for the seasons 1, 2, 3 and some episodes of season 4 with invented titles and US broadcasting dates plus a table showing cast and actors.

OCEAN GIRL book and transcripts (English)

Definitively one of the best sites around.  You can also find there complete transcripts of some episodes and the whole OCEAN GIRL book as plain HTML text.  Useful as it is very difficult for most people to get it by a conventional way ...

Patrik's OCEAN GIRL page (English)

While being a very small page in the past, it has advanced to a cool web site now, containing MP3 encoded sound clips and some pictures.

An episode list (German)

Short episode guide, useful for those only looking for a quick overwiew.

Stephan's Tiny OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Small but unique site with some links and the transcript of the first OCEAN GIRL IRC chat (on irc.SciFi.Com).

Episode Guide (German)

Very detailed episode guide (probably originates directly from ZDF, at least parts of it) with actor descriptions, production notices and contact adresses.  Also some very interesting general info which you can't find on other pages.

Stefan's Lauren Hewett Fan Page (German)

Partly an translation of Merjins page, but useful for German speaking peole.

La chica del océano (Spanish)

Small site, containing only a short summary for each of the four seasons and a page about Marzena.

Kara's OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Small page heavily under construction.

Cary's OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Pictures, a copy of Disney's episode guide, sound clips, animations and a dubious offer to sell copies of OCEAN GIRL tapes.

Viggen's OCEAN GIRL Page (English, French)

Very rich fanfic.  Must-have for french speaking people.  Viggen kindly sent me the final version of his page for archiving.

Ashley's OCEAN GIRL Page (English)

Some stuff collected from other pages plus two unique fanfics which you cannot find anywhere else.

Jasper's Marzena Godecki Fanpage (Dutch, English)

Tobias version of the ORCA Logo (German)

On this page you can find render ready POVRay source files and a rendered AVI of the ORCA logo.  It was modelled using the high field technique.

Neri's Island page (English)

Copy of an interesting newspaper article.

OCEAN GIRL Picture Gallery (English)

Picture Gallery where pictures of Jason, Brett and Benny can be found.  As far as I know these ones have been scanned and are unique to this specific site.

The Underwater Pyramid (English)

Several cool fanfics by Nebo and Ghostwriter.

OCEAN GIRL Chatroom (English)

Chatroom dedicated to OCEAN GIRL.  Proprietary client by a free public chat provider.

My little OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Page with pictures I haven't seen anywhere else.  However the quality is not so good.

Ocean Files (English)

Very great OCEAN GIRL/X-Files crossover fanfic.

T. Zuk's OCEAN GIRL Page (English)

Page with an unique episode guide for all 78 episodes, character descriptions, plus director/author list, cast and a good link collection.

David Hoflin Net Site (English)

It nothing special, but it's unique: A few episode descriptions.

Who's who on the mailing list (English)

Lists people from the original OCEAN GIRL mailing list, their hobbies and for some also has a picture.

The New Adventures Of Neri, intro music

Someone provided the animated series intro music in MP3 format only one day after it started in Australia—Great job!

OCEAN GIRL fanfiction

Tons of OCEAN GIRL fan fiction on this fan fiction publishing and retrieval database.  Some of the stories there are also available on other pages, but they were put there by their authors, also there are lots which you don't find anywhere else.

OCEAN GIRL episode guide season 1 (English)

A short OCEAN GIRL Episode Guide (Season 1) and FAQ.  This file wasn't updated since season 1 ran the first time, so many rumors in it are obsolete and some answers have turned out to be incorrect.

oceanboy's OCEAN GIRL page (German)

Nice and small page with some unique pictures and audio files.

Elsie's Notes (English)

The exact purpose of the web page is unknown, but it seems to be related to the OCEAN GIRL book.

Micheal's OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Has many links to other pages, but also one original fan fic.

Nicol Vogler's home page (English)

Enormous amount of very nice, high quality pictures of Lauren Hewett, partly as Mera in OCEAN GIRL.

Ocean Girl TV (English)

Links to various fanlistings and fan interaction sites, of which only one actually works.  The one which works is Always You, dealing with the relationship between Neri and Jason.  It provides some captured pictures from one episode.

Davog's Ocean Girl boat page (English)

Davog does not pass up a chance to make you jealous of the paradise he lives in together with his charming family.  He bought the boat that was used in filming OCEAN GIRL season 1, episode 2 and put lots of pictures with it on his home page.

Ocean Girl, the twenty-first century site

Site with original pictures and video clips.

TVSerien-Infos episode guide (German)

Seemingly a copy of an official episode guide from ARD.

ORCA-online (German)

Virtual ORCA project; was supposed to be a community where visitors can interact with each other in various Ocean Girl related settings.  Never got beyond planning phase.  Now closed.

Daveizoid's Neri painting (English)

Deviantart fan art painting of Neri

Power-and-Chaos' gallery (English)

Deviantart fan art painting of Neri and Mera

Neri-chan's gallery (English)

Two Neri pictures, I like those!

Ocean Girl posts at tvforen.de (German)

Web board dedicated to TV series; has a few posts mentioning Ocean Girl.

Ocean Girl at Synchronkartei (German)

Short list of dubbing artists involved in the German version.

Jason Bates and Lee Lucas

On the relationship between 'soulmates' Jason and Lee.

GDI-Commando SG-1 : Operation Ocean Girl (German)

Ocean Girl/Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun/Wing Commander crossover.

Ocean Girl Interactive Story (English)

Very early version of the Ocean Girl story being told the hypermedia way.

Ocean Girl meets Flipper (English)

Interactive crossover Ocean Girl/Flipper.

Migration (English)

Small but original poem on Ocean Girl after the first season.

The Long and Winding Road

Original fanfic

The following pages contain mostly pictures and sounds which have been collected from other pages, so there is no really original stuff on them.  You might want to check them out anyway, because the original pages might not be available anymore or simply because you like to read pages written by people who want to express their love to OCEAN GIRL.

Marco's OCEAN GIRL web page (German)

Picture, some infos and announcement for an OCEAN GIRL game.

Marco's OCEAN GIRL fanclub (German)

Second page by Marco; content taken mostly from other sites.

Schnecke's David Hoflin Fanpage (German)

A small page, but nice.

Flyfilly's old OCEAN GIRL Page (English)

Collection of pictures, biographies, episode guide, and stuff from the animated series from other pages.

Fly's unofficial OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Remake of Flyfilly's old page.

Roxanne's OCEAN GIRL Page (English)

Sister page of Ashley's page, previously being almost an exact copy.  But it has changed a lot in the meantime.  The design is quite good and a lot of content which has been collected from other pages, plus two fanfic stories, written in collaboration with Ashley.

Nebo's OCEAN GIRL Page (Italian/English/French)

Small page.

Ocean Girls Cave (English)

This page offers some pictures copied from other pages, a guestbook and an infrequently used webboard.

Neri fan page (Italian)

A fan page dedicated to Neri.  Most content copied from Noreo.

OCEAN GIRL fan page (English)

"I gathered the best and put it together."—Apparently a new site.  Collected stuff mainly from Noreo's page.  I do not like the layout.  Has been closed, main page now only contains a redirector.

Xanatic's OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Some stuff from Noreo, but also interesting 'niche-things' that are unique to the site.

Sabrina Atkins' OCEAN GIRL page (English)

A collection of stuff from other pages.  I dislike the layout.

Sabrina Atkins' second OCEAN GIRL page (English)

I like this one more than her first site.

OCEAN GIRL cotidie (English)

The Latin page title is supposed to translate to 'OCEAN GIRL all the time', roughly.  It has some words about the show and a small list of links to rather unknown pages.

Kosma's OCEAN GIRL Appreciation Page (English)

I like the layout, but except that it does not contain anything which you can't find on other pages.

Richard's OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Text and two pictures.

Øyvind's Marzena Godecki links (English)

Not worth the space it wastes.

The OCEAN GIRL planet page (English)

Collection of content from other pages.

OCEAN GIRL, an Marzena Godecki fanpage (English)

"This site is a collection of material found on the web containing the tv-series oceangirl"—exactly as the author says.  Contains links, pics, showinfo, biographies, howewer again only content taken from other pages.  It's got a very nice design so it might be worth a peek anyway.

OCEAN GIRL, Marzena Godecki Page (English)

Vertical arrangement of some well known pictures.

OCEAN GIRL Petition (English)

Call to the production companies to make more episodes of OCEAN GIRL and offer to participate in a petition for this.

OCEAN GIRL season 4 (English)

Neither seen, nor heard of it.

Non-working OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Simple start page, the links don't work.

Small OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Extremely small OCEAN GIRL page only containing a small cast list and a nice picture.

A tribute to David Hoflin (English)

Contains more OCEAN GIRL related things than the title suggests, but nothing that is unique to the site.

Kristin's OCEAN GIRL fan page (English)

Biographies, episode guides and filmographies collected from other web pages.  Unlike Savant's, the transcripts are annotated with the actor speaking, with some inaccuracies however.

Marzena Godecki fan page (English)

Quite an extensive collection of stuff from other pages.

Ocean Girl page (German)

A small page with various information and nice web design.

EPisodeWorld Ocean Girl Episode Guide (English/German)

Database with episode and plot guides

Ocean Girl Review (German)

Review of the first season with some background information, but nothing fundamentally new.

Ocean Girl Gallery index

Pictures taken from other Ocean Girl pages

Ocean Girl Stuff (English)

Chaotic page with various content from other sites

Ocean Girl freek (English)

Episode descriptions.

Ocean Girl Interactive (English)

Picutres, Movies, Biographies and a chat.

Some fake pages and that really suck are following.  Those have been done by haters of the series.  Not worth a look except if you like to see things from a radically different side.

All about Marzena Godecki (English)

A fake home page whose author pretends to be Marzena.

Marzena Godecki's blog (English)

Obviously a fake page claiming to be the blog of Marzena Godecki.

Official pages

SF/DRS Official OCEAN GIRL Page (German)

Short description and some high quality pictures from season 4.

Official JMS Productions OCEAN GIRL web site (English)

The production company's official web page, containing a subsection about the show.  In the past a good page with videos, character and episode descriptions, very extensive media kits and even an opportunity to send mail to the stars!  The quality of the site once matched even the best fan sites.  The old pages are gone, but the current version has some nice high quality photos.

Mediaworld features (English)

Web page of the company which produced 'The New Adventures of Neri'.  In the very beginning, on this website, in a hidden directory, you could find preview pictures, drawings, blueprints and concept videos of the new animated series.  This was probably a reference site whose address was only revealed to newspapers authors to provide them with material for their articles.  However when the site was redesigned and the series went on air, the directory disappeared.  An official page about the series was established soon, containing lots of information and pictures.  At some time, that was removed, too, leaving only a general front page about the company.

Animation Works (English)

Mediaworld's animation studio which drew 'The New Adventures of Neri'.  In the beginning, the info about OCEAN GIRL almost only consisted of one link to JMS productions and another to the Disney page which did not exist even at that time.  Later you could find a complete web site about 'The New Adventures Of Neri', but for some time now, it has disappeared and it merely redirects to Mediaworld.

Film Finances Inc. (English)

The completion guarantor.

Kabel1 lexicon entry for OCEAN GIRL

Air dates, cast list, description of the series and list of official episode titles.

Ocean Planet Images (English)

Underwater camera operators.  Used to have a picture about Ocean Girl in the production gallery, but they have gone now that HD is state of the art.

RTL4's OCEAN GIRL page (Dutch)

I came too late, the page was not on the server anymore when I went there. 

Photon Stockman

Visual Effects and CGI.

Disney Channel's official OCEAN GIRL web page (English)

Contained episode guide, videos and sound clips.

ZDF's official OCEAN GIRL Page (German)

TCC's official OCEAN ODYSSEY Page (English)

Short description of the series.

Cinevex Film Laboratories (English)

The Film Laboratory.  Page doesn't exist anymore for a long time.

Phenomena at AAV Australia (English)

The video post producers.  Used to have really cool pictures from season 4 that could only be found on their server.  These pictures were JPEG compressed versions of the original digital pictures directly from the renderer, you would nowhere could get better quality.  Unfortunately now, they don't even list OCEAN GIRL anymore as one of their TV productions.

Teaser chapter from the German OCEAN GIRL book translation

The first chapter from the official German translation of the OCEAN GIRL book as a freebie.

Australian Film Facilities (English)

The transport facilities company.

Queensland's Film Fame (English)

A list of films supported by QLD Film, includes OG 4.

Beyond Australia OCEAN GIRL page (English)

This page once had a lot to offer, media kit, hi-res image and the technical specs of the master tapes.  All is gone now.

Umbrella Entertainment (English)

Supplier of the OCEAN GIRL DVD.

Pandastorm pictures (German)

Supplier of the German version OCEAN GIRL DVDs. Press kits with very high quality pictures.

Other commercial pages

The OCEAN GIRL book at Amazon (English)

The OCEAN GIRL book at Amazon (German)

Here you can order the OCEAN GIRL book online.

The OCEAN GIRL book at A1Books (English)

Another online book-store that offers the book for sale.

Teleimages OCEAN GIRL page (English)

Probably a site where you can obtain a license for an French OCEAN GIRL broadcast, but I'm not very sure.  It's got some info but nothing special.

1M1 Records' page about the OCEAN GIRL CD.

A page where once the OCEAN GIRL CD was sold for horrendous AUD 150.

Ocean Girl at the National Film and Sound Archive

The database records of items related to OCEAN GIRL that belong to the archive's collection.

JASON Update (English)

Project that used the Ocean Girl novel for teaching.

Press releases

OCEAN GIRL gets animated (English)

Long article about the animated series 'The New Adventures Of Neri'.  Much information about the deal between Mediaworld and Jonathan M. Shiff Productions, read it.

Lights, camera and location: hey, its Melbourne! (English)

An article about filming in Melbourne.  A part describes a filming day of OCEAN GIRL season 4.  Interesting stuff you should not miss!

'Ocean' Minors (English)

This articles featured the OCEAN GIRL series when it was first on air.

Civilization Discovers A Wild Child of the Sea (English)

Announces broadcast of season 1 on Disney Channel.

Conquering the kids (English)

One paragraph is about Ocean Girl's international success.

Lights, camera and location: hey, it's Melbourne! (English)

One short section on a day filming season 4.

Ocean Girl ends on crest of a wave (English)

About finishing season 4.

Ocean Girl makes a splash overseas (English)

On filming season 3.

Ocean Girl – Vision of the Deep (English)

On filming season 1.

Poise not power, secret to Ocean Girl role (English)

Announces broadcast of season 1 on Channel 10.

Shows For Youngsters And Their Parents Too (English)

On Disney Channel acquiring season 1.

TV Eye (English)

On Jonathan M. Shiff accepting the International BAFTA Award for Ocean Girl.

TV's new teen star (English)

On Marzena Godecki and how she got to play Neri.

Young Marzena Godecki doesn't sink, she swims as Disney's 'Ocean Girl' (English)

Announces broadcast of second season on Disney Channel

Auf dem Weg zur Kultserie (German)

Mentions Ocean Girl as children's favourite TV show in Germany.

The Willoughby column (English)

Short note about a fire at the set of Ocean Girl.

Television Q&A (English)

Answer to a frequently asked question about Marzena.

Articles written by George Ivanoff (English)

List a few Ocean Girl related newspaper articles.

It's graduation year for Ocean Girl - from live to animated work (English)

On production of the animated series.

Oz's 'Ocean Girl' gets animated (English)

On release of the animated series.

TV producer may leave state over funding crisis (English)

On funding problems in Victoria.

Children's Television in the Digital Age (English)

Jonathan M. Shiff quote about his technology skepticism, which is the moral of the Ocean Girl story.

Actor archives

Down Under Homepage section about David Hoflin and Jeffrey Walker (English)

Biographies, filmographies, galleries, links and unique interviews.  Rich site.

Teen Starlet Admiration Academy page about Brooke 'Mikey' Anderson (English)

Description, biography, pictures and some links.

Young Male Stars Archive page about David Hoflin (English)

Description and biography.  The old version had some pictures, but now only one has remained.

Fansites page about Marzena Godecki (English)

Few links.

Starseeker page about Marzena Godecki (English)

Links you already have seen.

Celebs Underwater page about Marzena Godecki (English)

Underwater fetish page.

Famous Actors and Actresses page about Godecki Marzena (English)

Haven't seen that page.

Hands & Nails page about Marzena Godecki (English)

Hand fetish page

Home pages of actors

Official Lauren Hewett Homepage (English)

Everything about the actress who plays Mera.  Fan photos, (bad quality) picture galery, many links.

Home pages of the crew

Phil's Page (English)

Previously a great page from the Computer Graphics Creator with picture gallery and technical information about the computer screen production.  Not much left now.  Phil is the editor, post production supervisor and computer screen grafix artist.

Mark DeFriest's Home-Page (English)

Home page of one of the directors.

Sam Venning's Home Page (English)

Did some stuff for the animated series.

National Underwater & Marina Agency (English)

Lead by professional diver Pete West, diving coordinator and responsible for equipment supply in season 3.  The gallery has two related pictures.

The TSMV Reef Explorer (English)

The 'Reef Explorer' was Sam Phillip's vessel in Season 2.  On it's web site you can find much information about it and the people who are on board when it's not just being used in a film production ...

Dennis Lundin (English)

Dennis was stunt man in OCEAN GIRL.  The page is partly bi-lingual.

A Day Out with an Ocean Girl (English)

Report from some guy who had the opportunity to visit the production for one day.


Ocean Girl entry at tv.com (English)

Can be edited by visitors.

OCEAN GIRL entry at fernsehserien.de (German)

Episode guide, links and some very simple functionality to write comments about the series.  The latter is used frequently by German fans who are not technically literate enough for mailing lists.

Star Galaxy OCEAN GIRL Index Page (English)

A set of galleries with huge amount of pictures of some characters, obviously from several different sources, quality ranging from bad to excellent.

Soundamerica OCEAN GIRL Theme Download (English)

The OCEAN GIRL theme music for download in WAV encapsulated MP3 format.

YAHOO entry for Marzena Godecki (English)

Some links.

Answersleuth entry for Marzena Godecki (English)

Robot generated list of links.  Quantitatively a good page, but many links lead to the same site and some links are not related to Marzena Godecki at all.

Internet Movie Database entry for OCEAN GIRL (English)

Much information, cross references to all actors and the series they appeared in.  Very useful.

TV-Shows.de entry for OCEAN GIRL (English)

Link collection.

OnOnline.com entry for OCEAN GIRL at (English)

Very thin page.

OnOnline.com entry for Marzena Godecki (English)

More ads than links

ultimate TV showlist entry for OCEAN GIRL (English)

General links.

The production book online entry for OCEAN GIRL (English)

This page contains email and postal addresses of the crew.

Women Celebrities entry for Marzena Godecki (English)

Another typical index page: links, worst quality.

cienciaficcion.org entry on la noia del mar (Spanish)

A short summary of the series including the most important links.

OZTV entry for OCEAN GIRL (English)

Great and useful site listing individual credits for each episode.

EOFFTV entry for OCEAN GIRL (English)

Interesting information about the credits of some episodes.

Kennedy's TV SF Guide entry for OCEAN GIRL (English)

Some standard information about the series plus strange episode titles for the first two seasons, probably taken from a different web page.

Kessler's entry for OCEAN ODYSSEY (English)

One page of introduction to the series.