The OCEAN GIRL sound track

There is a sound track CD covering the music from the first season, but unfortunately it's only available second hand.  Another way to get it are MP3 files.  (Not legal, but maybe the only realistic way to get this really fine music.)  You might also want to watch ebay, maybe from time to time a CD pops up there.  All tracks except Forever Blue are without any vocals.  Lyrics of Forver Blue are available.

(c)Jonathan M. Shiff (Westbridge) Productions.  1994.
Jonathan M. Shiff
Music and Lyrics
Gary McDonald, Laurie Stone
Oceanic Music.  OM8988D.  1995.
Recorded at
The Music Department and Grevillea Studios, Brisbane.
Laurie Stone, Malcom Jacobsen
Digitally edited and mastered by
Ridney Jacobsen.
Sound design and all keyboards
Laurie Stone
TNTitle TimeMP3 Size MP3 MD5MP3 mtime (UTC)
1Ocean Girl 3:123079651 3dcb70afbae271718ba45c5a5c76060c1998-05-18 06:53:38
2Underwater Dreamworld4:544761937 bc8025af7fe93e9b0215cc9e2447696d1998-07-05 04:40:42
3Forever Blue 5:135011458 807c7acea48fb1fd2fb057c73ec8747c1998-05-18 06:53:40
4Neri's Island 3:123121447 91fa9db0a8dd9699ebcadb2c2ac4478f1998-07-05 04:40:42
5Storm Front 2:452693457 cd07d5b4f9659be86982c857d131f9191998-07-05 04:40:42
6Welcome To ORCA 2:582853953 c5a6929e37c6e71c7ae1c749be7ff3851998-05-18 06:53:40
7Wild And Free 2:182211968 14e03db1ecc44a6c3712b9939871c2571998-05-18 06:53:40
8The Deep 3:183222593 c4d4ed99fb3821aaace6103f7c5d29191998-07-05 04:40:42
9Tree House 2:282372464 a91d5fd678e00fe4f0a3e7a33c1367d01998-05-18 06:53:40
10Floating 3:233305767 986d37cd75b63af172142d8ac46e851f1998-07-05 04:40:42
11Froggy's Surprise 2:052051471 291288ca6b8bbeee2904a78af3f182411998-07-05 04:40:42
12Friends Forever 2:022003824 f4552c0ced7395b6e1f67ff88bb7c8c21998-07-05 04:40:42
13Tsunami 2:392598162 e3c6e46f28138dd11618d2bee7e319691998-07-05 04:40:42
14Island Mystery 3:073002328 257a1d880cc1faa1a6bef4034c2a64491998-05-18 06:53:40
15Voyage Home 3:103044124 62ee114c60c2a76d0e8d8ab359c3c4061998-05-18 06:53:40
16Ocean Sunset 1:101124438 1723ff6fa7873616824eb2cd5d3c38581998-05-18 06:53:40
17Strange Happenings 2:082099119 7a1b4a85d8310b6c52e31d0e1a8dd97d1998-07-05 04:40:42
18Farewell Neri 3:233258119 1c6cb02dc4709dddec34eeea8199d4e91998-05-18 06:53:40